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Legs in Jeans

EDPS 105

I think Alia is deserving of a teaching award because she has such a big heart and cares for all of her students as people. She genuinely wants to see all of us succeed in personal and academic growth.

School Children

EDPS 315

I learned so much from you and you’ve had an amazing impact on my life and helped me become a better person. I appreciate all the lessons I learned from your course and the discussions and open environment you created for us. By far my favorite class I took at Purdue and an instructor that I will never forget. 

Teenage Students Raising Hands

EDPS 316

I just wanted to say that this class has been amazing for me. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to branch out and discuss topics that are relevant and important in a setting that I would never get in my other classes.

Crowd Applauding

CPS 8340

I really enjoyed the thoughtful activities and engagement my instructor brought to our course. I felt like I learned a lot and enjoyed how engaging and discussion
based it was

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