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Courses Taught

CPS 8340

Spring 2023

Advanced Multicultural Strategies and Interventions

This 3-credit course is intended for advanced doctoral students. This course explores the issues of multicultural competence and social advocacy competence for psychologists and counselors in the context of research, practice, and policy. Through a range of experiential and didactic experiences (readings, discussions, presentations, interpersonal experiences and interactions), students will enhance their personal exploration and develop greater insights into the complex intersecting roles of multiple identities and
sociopolitical forces and how they affect majority/non-marginalized and minority/marginalized individuals and groups. As a result of this course, students will increase their personal and professional multicultural competence/orientation as well as further integrate social justice and advocacy into their professional goals as practitioners and scholars.

Courses Taught 

EDPS 315
Collaborative Leadership


This course is part of a three-course certificate in collaborative leadership through the College of Education at Purdue University. This course is typically taken to meet communication requirements for nursing, engineering, and other health-care oriented students. The course focuses on interpersonal skills including active listening, diversity and multiculturalism, and emotional intelligence. 

As an instructor my favorite part of this class was supporting students as they learned and practiced active listening skills.

EDPS 105
Academic and Career Planning

FALL 2018 

Typically, students in this course were freshman and sophomore students at Purdue University uncertain about to study. The course focused on career theory including Gottfredson's Theory of Circumscription and Compromise, Krumboltz's planned happenstance theory and Holland's Theory of Career Choice. Students used assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI, StrengthFinders, and Forced Choice Values to explore major and career options.

As an instructor I enjoyed teaching and facilitating discussions around values, strengths, and personality fit the most! I taught two sections of this course with approximately 25 students in each class. 

EDPS 316
Cross-Cultural Leadership

FALL 2019 & Spring 2020 

This course is part of a three-course certificate in collaborative leadership through the College of Education at Purdue University. Students engage in self-examination and confrontation of their biases in the service of becoming an effective leader in cross-cultural settings. In this class, I facilitated experiential activities, group discussions, and projects to help students aware of their worldview and assumptions.

My favorite part of teaching this course was being able to support students in their multicultural awareness by creating space to discuss difficult concepts while also incorporating aspects of joy, creativity, and humor.

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