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Muslim Woman. Educator. Researcher. 
Counseling Psychologist
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I take a mind, body, spirit wellness based approach to my own living and the lives of my clients, students, and research collaborators. This means acknowledging how the health of mind, body, and spirit are connected. This also means understanding how we are impacted by the work we do, creating boundaries, and incorporating rest as a part of our commitment to treating ourselves well.

I work primarily from a relational-cultural, interpersonal, and feminist lens. This means that I often ask my client’s questions about how emotions were talked about in their family, social spaces they feel connected and disconnected from, and the impact of family and societal scripts on well-being. You can expect our first few sessions to include learning about one another, building trust, and helping me understand how I can support you. As we continue to work together you can expect me to support you by challenging you to reflect on your role in relationships, how you are (or aren’t) connected to your body, and to support questions you may have about living a purposeful and meaningful life.

Contact Me

1244 Clairmont Road, Suite 204, Decatur, GA  30030


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Please allow 48 hours for me to respond. 

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